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SBS Group Selected as Recommended Logistics Provider for EXPO 2025 in Osaka, Japan

After having been subject to a certain level of appraisal by the selection committee, the SBS Group was recognized as a recommended logistics provider for EXPO 2025, which will be held in Osaka, Japan.

EXPO 2025 will be held between April and October of 2025 based on the theme of “Designing Future Society for Our Lives” and will serve to facilitate the generation and dissemination of new ideas, the revitalization of the region, and the promotion of Japanese culture by bringing together wisdom from around the globe, including when it comes to cutting-edge technologies.

The SBS Group is committed to contributing to the smooth operation of the Osaka Expo by providing a package of related logistics services, which includes transport services provided to exhibitors in relation to imports and re-exports.

Robotics Distribution Center to Be Completed in April 2023
(Japan: Logistics Center Ichinomiya)

The SBS Group has a four-story distribution center in Ichinomiya City, Aichi Prefecture, with the facility being about 16,000 tsubo (approx. 52,893 m2) in size.
The warehouse is equipped with a variety of technologies, including robots that transport shelves, robotic arms, and automatic packing machines.

Accelerating the robotization of distribution sites in manners such as this, will lead to labor-saving when it comes to picking operation staff, greater operational efficiency, and improved efficiency when it comes to product storage.
In consideration of the environment, solar panels have also been implemented along with in-warehouse lighting equipped with motion sensors.

The SBS Group will continue offering continuous and stable logistics services led by Logistics Technology specialists.

SBS Group Joins the Human Capital Management Consortium,
Observers Include METI

The SBS Group is a member of the Human Capital Management Consortium, an organization at which Japan’s Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry and the country’s Financial Services Agency participate as observers.

The Human Capital Management Consortium is purposed with helping human capital management (HCM) move forward at Japanese companies when it comes to putting the process into practice and when it comes to the undertaking of disclosures in relation thereto. It is an organization which shares information on advanced case examples of human capital management practices, holds discussions aimed at inter-company cooperation, and collects, communicates, and disseminates information pertaining to human capital in Japan and abroad.

The SBS Group will continue to deepen its understanding of the HCM process through the sharing of information and conducting of dialogue with other participant companies, will further accelerate investment into the next generation of human resources, and will strive toward sustainable growth and increased corporate value.

Overseas Affiliate Companies

Over 40locations and offices
in 12cities overseas

SBS Group has Over 40 locations and offices in 12 cities overseas.
International multimodal transportation proposing the best solutions by combining customs, forwarding and local distribution.
Based on our slogan "For Your Dream," we are not only committed to championing the success of our customers businesses, but are also pushing forward so that we continue to represent the "infra-structure of hope" that delivers on the dreams of people around the world.


The SBS Group's main business domain is logistics, which is interwined with all industries and is an indispensable part of the social infrastructure supporting economic activity.

Industry Solutions

By demonstrating our unique strengths while taking advantage of the SBS Group's economies of scale, unique logistics companies will solve of our customers' logistics related issues in a one-stop manner.


We, SBS Group, based on our management philosophy, aim to enhance sustainable corporate value by respecting human rights and coexisting with society, and by conducting fair business activities through the practice of our Code of Conduct.

Employment Opportunities

The SBS Group is a major player in the logistics industry and is a collection of companies under SBS Holdings, which is listed on the First Section of the Tokyo Stock Exchange. Our group of companies are responsible for logistics that serve various industries and business categories. With an expansive range of opportunities, we hope you will find a job that suits you. Why not work in a safe and stable place like the SBS Group?

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